The Enlightened Optimist (britgeekgrrl) wrote in sfbars,
The Enlightened Optimist

Looking for an "Interesting" Bar...

The deal: (local) Pop and (visiting-from-the-UK) friend are looking for an "interesting" place for them, me & my hubby to go have post-work drinks (and maybe food, but that's not required), tomorrow evening.

They've done most of the usual places - from the Gold Dust, to Thirsty Bear, to The View at the Marriott, etc, etc. They're not too keen on touristy-places, of course, so things like Stinking Rose and such are right out.

Popster and visiting pal are both v. smart and fairly urbane. Pop lives in SoMA, so he's worked that area over quite thoroughly. I was thinking about something on the other side of Market street, maybe...?

Suggestions appreciated!
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