I'm just a girl, lucky me (jennaflower) wrote in sfbars,
I'm just a girl, lucky me

2 questions

1) Does anyone know of any bars/clubs with either live middle eastern music or clubs with DJs that play good world music?

2) Any suggestions for bars/clubs that are lively at the beginning of the week, like Mon-Weds?

Thanks in advance.
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1- Kan Zaman, perhaps?
only like one of the most famous world djs spins at nickie's bbq on tuesdays.
Is cheb still spinning there?

I will have to go back to Nickie's then, I haven't been in years.
Cool. I had heard Cheb i Sabbah was spinning there but wasn't sure how current the info I had was. Does it get crowded, do people actually dance?
absolutely! it gets going around 11.