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Drinking near the Transbay Terminal [11 Jun 2010|09:38am]

On Monday evening, I'll be meeting a friend near the Transbay Terminal for a drink.

I'm looking for a place that is:
  • Reasonably quiet. If there's music or television at all, it should be quiet.
  • Not extremely fancy. We won't be dressed up.
  • Within easy walking distance of the Transbay Terminal. Definitely east of Montgomery Street.

Any ideas? I can think of places that meet any two of these three criteria, but I can't think of any that meet all three.
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Looking for an "Interesting" Bar... [01 Apr 2009|10:04am]

The deal: (local) Pop and (visiting-from-the-UK) friend are looking for an "interesting" place for them, me & my hubby to go have post-work drinks (and maybe food, but that's not required), tomorrow evening.

They've done most of the usual places - from the Gold Dust, to Thirsty Bear, to The View at the Marriott, etc, etc. They're not too keen on touristy-places, of course, so things like Stinking Rose and such are right out.

Popster and visiting pal are both v. smart and fairly urbane. Pop lives in SoMA, so he's worked that area over quite thoroughly. I was thinking about something on the other side of Market street, maybe...?

Suggestions appreciated!
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[19 Sep 2008|06:30pm]

i'm meeting up with a friend tomorrow evening to continue my birthday celebrations and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for a cool place to go bar-wise. somewhere in or near the mission district would be preferable. and no. not zeitgeist. we've already spent way too much time there the last time i went out with her.

oh yes. and i would prefer some place that serves copious amounts of jameson and/or guinness. preferably AND but OR is ok too.

thanks in advance!
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Music / Television Free Drinking In SF? [11 Apr 2008|02:19pm]

Are there any bars in San Francisco that do not play loud music or have televisions blasting sports? One without both of those would be ideal. Something like Burp Castle in NYC's East Village.

There are many places I would like more if they didn't insist on blasting their music so loud all the time.
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House Of Shields [04 Apr 2008|02:23pm]

One of SF's oldest bars, House Of Shields, turns 100 this month! Opened in 1908, this cozy & dark Victorian-themed bar was a former speakeasy for the Palace Hotel, and is still in fact linked by a tunnel that runs under New Montgomery Street. This month they will feature period drink specials and music from their favorite decades (Full calendar after the jump)!

These days HOS plays host to anyone from Academy Of Art students to FiDi tech worker bees to bike messengers and everything in between. Live music every weekend - featuring only the best upcoming local bands.

39 New Montgomery, btw. Market & Mission

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[19 Mar 2008|05:43pm]

Does anyone happen to know if Johnny Foley's is the place with the dueling pianos downstairs? I was several beers into my Pre-St-Patrick's-Day bonanza on Saturday night and we ended up somewhere near The Gold Dust and the dueling pianos were a damn good time. I'd like to go again, but I'm not convinced this is the place. There's one review that mentions the dueling pianos, but maybe the reviewer got it wrong too? I'd think there would be more references to the pianos or even SOME mention of it on the bar's website if this really is the place.

So anyway, blah blah blah, does anyone know where I was on Saturday night?
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2 questions [07 Dec 2007|03:39pm]

1) Does anyone know of any bars/clubs with either live middle eastern music or clubs with DJs that play good world music?

2) Any suggestions for bars/clubs that are lively at the beginning of the week, like Mon-Weds?

Thanks in advance.
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Sports bar? [25 Oct 2007|07:20pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

I'm a student living in Berkeley who works part time at a store in the Embarcadero Center. Being from Massachusetts, I'd love to find a sports bar where I can watch the World Series game on Saturday either near where I work (i.e., financial district) or close to a BART station (since I have to later take BART home). I tried looking on citysearch, but couldn't find anything really helpful. Any suggestions?

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Mappy Hour [20 Jul 2007|03:37pm]

Mappy Hour

I could write some silly description here, but just go check it out yourself.
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[05 Jul 2007|03:43pm]


Starting July 5, 2007, we will be opening our brewery and restaurant in the inner sunset in San Francisco. It has been a lot of hard work over the past fewyears, but we are finally going to make it happen. Thank you for all your support and eager anticipation.
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Tribe.Net mixer -- PLEASE REPOST [11 Jun 2007|11:17am]

If you're in San Francisco, this Thursday June 14th, we are having a mixer for Tribe.Net at the Glas Kat -- home to Death Guild, Bondage a Go Go, and Die Machinen. As a matter of fact, it's before Die Machinen. I encourage you to RSVP if you have a tribe.net membership -- and if you are going to Die Machinen, it would be an awesome thing to show up early and really show the Glas Kat that there is enough support to do this monthly.

The URL to RSVP is here. And here are the details:

Date & Time: Thursday, June 14, 2007
6:00 PM
Location: Glas Kat Supper Club
520 Bryant Street
San Francisco, CA
More Info: www.glaskat.com
Thursday, June 14th, 2007
6pm to 9pm
Glas Kat Supper Club
520 4th Street between Bryant and Brannan
18+ with ID

Join the staff and fellow members of Tribe.Net for an evening of drinks and deejays! The Glas Kat is an awesome space with a full dinner menu, and our mixologist Danny will be on hand to prepare any libation you might think of. Tribe.Net staff will be on hand to thank you for making Tribe.Net what it is today. Come on down!

Itteki http://people.tribe.net/itteki
Jonboy http://people.tribe.net/c6d04775-39b3-4826-b2eb-3179f496eb55
Tomas Diablo http://people.tribe.net/tomasdiablo

I would really love to see a lot of my friends out there -- please try to make it if you can come, and RSVP if you are so inclined -- I really wanna get the powers that be to notice how many folks are planning on showing up.

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Jungle Erotica May 26th! [25 May 2007|10:10pm]

If your in the area come on out to Jungle Erotica Night at SPUNK! 
The Cinch Saloon Polk and Clay between washington and Clay!
Never a Cover, Strong Drinks, Danceing and Jungle Freaks!
Dressing to theme is strongly encouraged but not mandatory!
Hope to see some peeps out there tomorrow night!

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[18 May 2007|01:35pm]

Best 6 a.m. Bar - Vesuvio
Best Bar to Score With a MILF - Balboa Cafe
Best Beach Bar - Riptide
Best Brew Pub - Magnolia
Best Crosstown Bar - Miraloma Club
Best Happy-Hour Martini Bar - Olive
Best Kitschy Mission Bar - Knockout
Best Laid-Back Bar - Wild Side West
Best Outdoor Drinking Spot - Zeitgeist
Best Piano Bar - Martuni's
Best Punk Rock Bar - 540 Club
Best Speakeasy - Bourbon & Branch
Best Wine List - Pres a Vi

Food & Drink Readers' Poll:
Best Patio: The Ramp
Best Bar: Zeitgeist
Best Brewpub: San Francisco Brewing Company
Best Wine Bar: CAV Wine Bar and Kitchen
Best Pickup Bar: Beauty Bar
Best Dyke Bar: The Lexington
Best Gay Bar: The Café
Best Hipster Bar: Zeitgeist
Best Karaoke Bar: The Mint
Best Smoking Bar: Amber
Best Happy Hour: The Elbo Room
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happy hour - Fridays at B Bar [10 May 2007|01:13pm]

for any of you SOMA/FiDi worker bees:

yerba buena - upper terrace
southern soul, r&b, french pop and more w/ dj skip
4 - 8pm
drink & appetizer specials
patio seating w/ views of yerba buena gardens & city skyline

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Pub Quiz [03 May 2007|09:12am]

I was trying to find a Pub Quiz for tonight, so I decided to post what I've figured out. This is culled from Brainstormer's site, Yelp reviews (I tried to find at least two mentions of the Pub Quiz day), and bar websites.

Anything need to be added/removed? SF only, please.

Sunday: Pig & Whistle, 540 Club, O'Neill's Irish Pub
Monday: Valley Tavern, Danny Coyle's, Monaghan's Bar
Tuesday: Bitter End, Edinburgh Castle, the Chieftain, Bacchus Kirk, Maggie McGarry's, Martin Mack's, Deuces, Elixir
Wednesday: Pig & Whistle, Durty Nelly's, Knuckles, Napper Tandy, Temple Bar
Thursday: Mad Dog in the Fog, Elephant and Castle, Rogue Ale House

For those interested, I posted the same question on Yelp.
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Latest Toronado Beer List [15 Apr 2007|06:44pm]

Toronado appears to have a recent trend of stocking fine Belgian beers on tap. It's a good time to be a Toronado fan, since they have my very favorite Belgians and very favorite California microbrews right now. Gulden Draak by Van Steenberg and Deuce by El Toro.

Exhibits A and B, the latest Toronado beer list, from Saturday 4/14. 7 Columns wide, tons of fun:

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Central Europe? [30 Mar 2007|11:23am]

I'm off in May to Prague-Berlin-Hamburg-Amsterdam. I've heard they have the
liquid bread and want to include a Beergrilmage with the other siteseeing. Does any one here have a pub recommendation for any of those four cities?
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Gestalt [25 Mar 2007|06:13pm]

Has anyone noticed the new bar on 16th street, across from the Kilowatt, Gestalt? They have sausages and serve beer by the liter. The Germanic name and beerhall vibe reminds one of Zeitgeist, but it's not Zeitgeist. The place is trying to find its own voice. I'd guess they've only been been open a few weeks.
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[25 Mar 2007|06:00pm]

[ mood | hungover harry ]

i wanted to tell everyone about a cool pub here in central marin...i used to go there a few years ago and stopped going after my ex and i broke up. bad memories kept me from returning, but a friend of mine plays irish folk music with a group of musicians on tuesday nights. a couple months ago, i decided to go on a tuesday night as i needed to break up the hum drum of my usual week (work, sleep, eat, rinse and repeat..) and i had a blast.

they serve mixed drinks but they use this stuff that's made out of an agave based liquore that's more like drinking wine than drinking hard liquor. but aside from that, they have a great selection of beers. i normally drink guinness, which only cost $4.50 from the draft. they have a pretty good selection of english and american beers on draft as well as in the bottle. and they serve wine.

anyway, if anyone is in the area on a tuesday night and up for some irish folk music, the mayflower pub on 4th street in san rafael has some incredible live music. they serve dinner until about 9:00, which includes some tradtional pub-fare, including bangers and mash and fish and chips at a pretty reasonable price. last night was the first time i'd eaten dinner there and it was really good.

i highly recommend the place. i know san rafael isn't really on the "must go and visit list" for a lot of people, but the mayflower a great place to go if you're in the area.

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suggestions.... [16 Mar 2007|09:10pm]

i'm looking for a quiet bar in san francisco with a nice outdoor patio.

i'm hoping to find a nice place to hang out and have a few drinks and good conversation with a few friends.

i spend most of my time in loud nightclubs, and would really like to go somewhere less chaotic and more relaxing.

any suggestions would be great!
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